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At Sarasota Beauty Bar, we pride ourselves in perfection. No service is finished without the elite level of excellence we strive for. This is not only limited to our beauty applications, but our genuine commitment to our clients and this industry. Not only do we want to meet your expectations, we want to smash the ones you didn’t even know you had.

Sarasota Beauty Bar began as Hairspray Revolution in the year 2007 by stylist, Suzy Galazka. For 10 years, Suzy and her team provided 5 star event and bridal beauty services all over the Chicago-land area and beyond. In 2018, the name Hairspray Revolution goes into retirement and we started our transition South. In 2019, we are proud to continue on, providing the same red carpet treatment under the name Sarasota Beauty Bar. We offer the same great service, with the same exceptional quality.

The Team at Sarasota Beauty Bar have decades of not only bridal experience but fashion, print and red carpet experience as well. We make sure that what you see in realtime translates to your photos flawlessly.

We have a soft spot in our heart for love stories, vw’s, animals and good coffee. Let’s chat about beauty and all of these things!

Street Cred

Suzy + her team have had the honor of working with the following brands + people:

  • Target

  • Flor Catalog

  • Kacey Musgraves

  • Wix.com

  • Nashville Boogie 

  • International Beethoven Festival

  • Steadfast Brand

  • Hanae Mori Parfums

  • Umberto Beverly Hills

  • Phillip Lim

  • Spike TV

  • Riley Reed Nashville

  • Gala Darling 

  • Nashville Boogie Fashion Show

  • Dark Beauty Magazine

  • Vogue Italia 

  • Time Out Chicago

  • Modern Luxury Weddings

  • Ink Fashion Magazine

  • Inspired Living Magazine (NWI Times)

  • Elegant Magazine 

  • Ellements Magazine

  • Giuseppina Magazine 

  • The Wedding Mag

  • Tattoo Revue Magazine

  • Freque Magazine

  • Skin & Ink Magazine

  • Tattoos for Men Magazine

  • Iki Magazine

  • Voyage Chicago

& more